“Drew Barnhardt has written a doozy of a weird-but-fun script and directed the heck out of it by spinning his low budget into cinematic gold that looks as sharp and visually interesting as most movies you’ll see on the big or small screen.“

-HK and Cult Film News, 5/27/2019

Noir remains its core, but this is a very smart piece of modern pulp, always offsetting its outrageousness with a deep streak of black humor.”

-Anton Bitel, Projected Figures, 5/25/2019

Interview: Director Drew Barnhardt (RONDO)

-Mike Joy, 5/24/2019

“Part Black Comedy, Part Slasher, Part Revenge Thriller. All Exploitation!”

-Reviews by Amos Lassen, 5/17/2019

Artsploitation Films Acquires Pulp Horror ‘Rondo’

-Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting, 11/2/2018

“Rondo is a twisted little movie, albeit twisted in the best way. It’s twisted in its story structure, it’s twisted in its depraved dialogue, twisted in its willingness to get insanely bloody and show us something we’re positive it’s not going to show us. It’s a movie made with real confidence, one which feels fresh and exciting as it unfolds – it’s only afterwards that you realize Drew Barnhardt has found a new way to skin a cat. (Not literally. There’s no animal violence in the movie.)” 

-Patrick Bromley, Bloody Disgusting, 8/17/2018

“I have officially stopped hoping that De Palma will make that one last film that will put a satisfying ‘period’ on the end of his storied career. RONDO just beat him to the punch.”

-Samuel Glass Jr., Beneath the Underground, 8/6/2018

“A cult classic in the making.”

-John Higgins, Starburst Magazine 8/5/2018

"Rondo is a pulp novel come to life, with shades of exploitation, oddball characters and some very confronting scenes. Throughly entertaining and you'll be appalled at yourself for liking it so much."

-Ryan Morrissey-Smith, Haddonfield Horror 7/28/2018

"It’s terrific filmmaking, genuinely funny and tense, unabashedly violent, and I for one was thoroughly entertained."

-Phillipe 9to5 8/1/2018

This world is populated with characters who have their own lives going on off-screen, and the game cast uses sharp dialogue to bring them to life. Additionally, Barnhardt is not afraid to steer the proceedings into completely unexpected territory.

-Jason Coffman, Film Monthly 7/30/2018

"Rondo un-apologetically wrings the viewer through a stylized world of manneristic camera, Edward Hopper-esque lighting, gratuitous violence, and a purposely intrusive soundtrack. It plays like a bare bones revenge murder fest spiked with dubstep Greenaway."

-Giles Edwards, 366 Weird Movies 7/29/2018

“How much can one ninety-minute film reasonably do within its timeframe? Can a film successfully go from awkward laughs to gore, from femmes fatales to OTT-ultraviolence, and from slacker humour to shock? Rondo (2018) believes it’s not only possible, it’s all part and parcel of its overall appeal.”

-Keri O’Shea, Warped Perspective 7/25/2018

“RONDO is one of the best films I've seen this year, or frankly in a long time. The film is an impeccably written modern day low-budget exploitation masterpiece.”

-Lorry Kikta, Nightmarish Conjurings 7/27/2018

"The plot here is simple, with room for just a few snappy twists, but what makes the film work is the combination of its very deliberate style and the supreme confidence of its delivery."

-Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film 7/28/2018

 A film that pretty much defies categorization... It’s part horror, part dark comedy, and part revenge thriller.

-Jim Morazzini, Voices From The Balcony 7/28/2018

“Part slasher, part black comedy, and all designed to have the audience focused without moving for a quick 88 minutes, “Rondo” is a doozy of a film.“

-Harvey Karten, Shock Ya! 7/27/2018

“Rondo is a pure exploitation experience of the kind we just don’t get to slap out putrid peepers on much these days; it’s hyper-violent, deviant, and downright wrong in all the right ways…” 

-DanXIII, Horror Fuel 7/27/2018

First Look: Drew Barnhardt’s Extreme Horror Thriller RONDO

-Mike Sprague, Dread Central 7/24/2018

NSFW ‘Rondo’ Clip Brings a Sledgehammer Into Bed [Exclusive]

-Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting 7/24/2018

Exclusive: The “Rondo” Trailer Teases One of the Most Extreme Movies of the Year

-Matt Donato, Slash Film 6/27/2018


-Geoff Beran, De Palma a la Mod 6/15/2018

‘Tales from the Hood 2’ and ‘Rondo’ Highlight Fantasia’s Second Wave Announcement!'

- Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting 6/14/2018

Drew Barnhardt’s ‘Rondo’ Enters a World of Sex, Murder, and Revenge

- Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting 1/6/201

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